Tony Van Le is featured in Fraction Magazine, Issue #176.


As a finalist for the fourth Exibart Street Contest (Italy), Tony Van Le was interviewed by Exibart Street Photography Magazine. 


Christine Kemp's photo Narcissus was selected to be a part of Women In Street Singapore's exhibition, which runs from May 16th - June 30th, 2024 at the Objectifs Centre of Photography and Film in Singapore.


Christine Kemp's photo Free Tibet Protest In San Francisco was selected to be a part of the Glasgow Gallery of Photography's Reportage exhibition, which runs from May 3rd - May 30, 2024.


Eric Davidove's Hollywood Beauty was selected as Finalist in the Exibart Street Contest.


Eric Davidove's photographs America, the Beautiful and The Missing Piece won 2nd Place and Honorable Mention respectively in the Artist Gallery Awards, Street Photography Competition.

Gerald Gutschmidt's Head and Trail was selected as finalist at the Italian Street Photo Festival.


Eric Davidove's Lococho and Christine Kemp's photo Free Tibet Protest In San Francisco were selected for the First Moments Collective International Photography Annual Exhibition, which will take place in the Hellenic American Union Galleries in Athens, Greece, in June 2024.


Christine Kemp's photo Into Thin Air won 3rd place, Single Photo at the Italian Street Photo Festival. The winning photos were selected by Martin Parr.


Tony Van Le was selected to participate in the West Coast Review Session, taking places as part of the CatchLight Visual Storytelling Summit in San Francisco, California.  This event was hosted by Catchlight x Fotofest.


Tony Van Le was interviewed by Colossal Magazine for the article entitled, "Street Photographer Tony Van Le Captures Beauty in Brevity"


Eric Davidove's photograph It's Miller Time receives a Particular Merit Mention in the All About Photo Awards 2024 (The Mind's Eye).


Christine Kemp's Into thin Air, Eric Davidove's It's Miller's Time and Gerald Gutschmidt's Head and Trail  have been selected as finalists of the Brussels Streetphotography Festival, Belgium.


Eric Davidove will be one of the finalists in the Contagious Culture V4 Exhibition and Book.  The focus is on the different facets of ever-evolving countercultures considered “underground” in post-pandemic Los Angeles.  The show aims to highlight photography for photography's sake through the display of up-and-coming photographers and professionals alike. The prevailing ethic behind Contagious Culture is a rejection of the endless feedback loop of content on social media and to rather celebrate a mode of life that is opposed to the status quo.

The Exhibition opens on April 27th at the Superchief Los Angeles Gallery and will run for one month.


Christine and Eric, and 18 other photographers, have been selected as finalists for the Vivian Maier and Champsaur Association Photo International Exhibition.  The selected photos will be on display in June 2024 at La Maison de la Photographie Vivian Maier, Pisançon, France. The theme is Black and White Street Scenes.  The three Jurors were Matt Stuart, Regis Ballester, and Michel Van Reysen.

Christine Kemp, Into Thin Air

Eric Davidove, Hollywood Beauty Salon


Eric is one of the 15 finalists of La Vie en Bleu, who will each exhibit their finest photograph from their submitted series at the collective exhibition in Nice, South of France, in June 2024. In addition, the exhibition will display photos from the overall winner and two honorable mentions. Eric's series showcases the Lowriders in the Mission District, San Francisco. The two Jurors were Valerie Six and Tarek Zaïgouche.
Attached: One photo from Eric's Lowrider series. The curator has not yet confirmed which photo will be on display, so I just selected this one for our website NEWS.


Two awards went to Eric Davidove in the 6th International Photography Contest and Exhibition, Ikshana, India. The second place award for It's Miller Time in the Street Photography Category, Juror Vineet Vohra (@vineet_vohra). The third place award was for Wild in the Emotions in Monochrome Category, Juror Mala Mukerjee.


Eric Davidove's Hollywood Beauty, Tony Van Le's Into the Unknown and Gerald Gutschmidt's Head and Trail were selected as finalists for the Dublin Street Photography Festival.


Two of Eric Davidove's photos were selected for the LFI gallery.

Photo 1: America the Beautiful, in the Master Shot gallery

Photo 2: Band Member, in the American / Caribbean gallery


Christine Kemp has published a zine called 'In Moments' – a collection of 44 color photos taken in San Francisco in 2023. It can be purchased as a physical copy or a pdf download here.


Eric Davidove's Whiteboard Walking is featured in the Eyeshot Magazine Mexico #12. Pre-order ends March 31st.


Gerald Gutschmidt's The Throw In is participating in the BW Athens Photography Festival, opening February 24th.


Christine Kemp has three photos in 2358MRKT's January exhibition, ‘For The Love Of…’

The opening reception is Friday, January 5th, 5pm-10pm and the show runs through January 28th, 2024.

Gerald Gutschmidt is participating in the same exhibition with the three photos, Duck Unleashed, Recycled Paper Bag and Angel Cowboy.


Two of Eric Davidove's photographs were selected for the LFI Master Shot Gallery, It's Miller Time and I Love Venice


Eric Davidove's photo Protest March appears in the SF Gate article Our favorite reader-submitted Bay Area Instagram photos of 2023


Four photos from Tony Van Le's series, Surreality appear in the book, URBAN unveils the city and its secrets - vol. 9 by dotART - Art Association


Gerald Gutschmidt's series Urban Cowboy won the Silver Medal in the Urban Culture category of the Paris International Street Photo Awards.

Head and Trail won a Special Mention / Grand Winner in the category « Street Humor / Unusual » and will participate in the Xposure International Photography Festival, 02/28-03/05/2024, in Sharjah, UAE

Futbol Atlas  aka The Throw In received an Honorable Mention in the category « Street Sport Snaps »


Four of Eric Davidove's photos received honorable mentions in the Paris International Street Photography Awards.  Blue Hat: Road Trip Category. Ice Cream: Classic Street Photo Category. Skogafoss: Street Poetry Category.  Somewhere Else: Landscape City View Category.


Tony Van Le's series Surrealization was selected as an Honorable Mention in the Street Culture category for the Paris International Street Photo Awards.

His series The Urban Jungle was also selected as an Honorable Mention for PISPA's Streets & Animals category.


Christine Kemp has three photographs that received honorable mentions in the Paris International Street Photo Awards.Welcome to New York received honorable mention in the Urban Culture category.
Rainy Day in the Spiderverse received honorable mention in the Street Winter category.
The Floating Hat received honorable mention in the Contrasted category.


Gerald Gutschmidt's photograph, Head and Trail, was selected as a finalist of the Moment Street Photo Awards and is part of their post competition exhibition starting December 16th in the Centre for the Promotion of Culture Gaude Mater in Częstochowa, Poland.


Eric Davidove's photographs, both from his Mexico Spirituality series, were added to the Leica Fotographie International Gallery.  One of his photos was added to the Master Shots selection gallery and the other was added to the Art-Staged selection gallery.


Tony Van Le's photograph, Strings of Hope were added to the Leica Fotographie International gallery in their Street Photography selection.


Tony Van Le's series Surreality is published in AAP Magazine #36: Street.

12/9 - 12/10/23

Candid City is participating in the Holiday Market at Gallery-O-Rama in San Francisco on December 9th and 10th. Each member will be selling a selection of matted 8x12 prints, as well as framed photos.

Gallery-O-Rama is located at 1920 Polk Street, San Francisco.


Eric Davidove will have a series of photographs included in The Best Selected Project "The Street" Magazine which will be published by the end of 2023.


A behind-the-scenes account of how Tony Van Le's photograph, Into the Unknown, was captured is featured on the Leica Fotografie International (LFI) blog along with his artist biography.


Candid City Street Photography Collective is absolutely thrilled to welcome our new member Eric Davidove to the group.

Eric is an award winning street photographer who currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. When out on the street, Eric prefers candid and natural photos, and seeks out intriguing moments & lighting conditions, the presence of eye-grabbing shapes and forms, vibrant colors, and interesting looking people.

Eric has been awarded and honored by festivals and organizations including the Paris International Street Photography Awards, Gothenburg Street Photo Festival, New York Photography Awards, Siena International Photos Awards, and many more.

View Eric's work here.

Welcome, Eric!


Gerald Gutschmidt's image, Head and Trail was chosen as a Single Image Finalist by the Livorno Photo Meeting Jury.


Tony Van Le's image, Falling Out of the Sky was chosen as a Single Image Finalist by the Livorno Photo Meeting Jury.


Eric Davidove's photographs, Primary and Halfway Invisible Man, were selected as finalists for the street photography section of the KAAF Photo Contest 2023, Iran.


Gerald Gutschmidt's photograph, Head and Trail, was selected as a finalist for the street photography section of the KAAF Photo Contest 2023, Iran.


Tony Van Le's photograph, Into the Unknown was selected as a finalist the street photography section of the KAAF Photo Contest 2023, Iran.


Gerald Gutschmidt's Trail and Head was selected as one of the finalists of the Istanbul Street Photography Festival.


Tony Van Le's photographic series, Surreality is on display at Sapore Di Casa, for Trieste Photo Fringe 2023.

Surreality will be on display from October 11 - December 31, 2023


Christine Kemp has three photos in the exhibition Street Treat: A Women and Gender Expansive Street Photography Show. The exhibition is a traveling show, beginning in Menlo Park in October 2023, and will travel to multiple cities in 2024.


Tony Van Le's photographs, Lingering Shadows of Disparity and Into the Uknown, were given the "Master Shot" designation by the Leica Fotographie International editors and were added to LFI's Master Shots selection gallery.


Tony Van Le's image, Into the Unknown was chosen by the Pisa Street Photo International Festival (PSPI, Italy) jury as a Singles finalist.


Gerald Gutschmidt's Head and Trail was selected as one of the finalists of the Tehran Street Photography Festival and will be part of the Tehran Street Photography exhibition held at the Zemestan Gallery of Iranian Artist Forum from 12/01-12/11/2023.


Tony Van Le's photograph, The Future of Our Future is featured in the Tarot exhibition at Gallery-O-Rama in San Francisco.  The show runs from September 8 - November 5.


Christine Kemp's Dreaming in Teal and Tony Van Le's Into the Unknown are on display at the Trieste Airport for Trieste Photo Days.  The photos will be on display from September 3 - November 23, 2023.


Christine Kemp has two photos in the Beauty in the Mundane exhibition at 2358MRKT Gallery in San Francisco, CA. The show will run for the month of September 2023.


Gerald Gutschmidt's Head and Trail was selected for the gold medal in the Street Photography section of the Vienna Photo Awards.


Tony Van Le's series, Surreality was chosen by the Pisa Street Photo International Festival (PSPI, Italy) jury as a Series finalist.


Christine Kemp’s photo The Floating Hat is featured in A Wall of Women by Women, an exhibition by Unexposed Collective. The exhibition will be displayed during the Ballarat International Foto Biennale in Ballarat, Australia. The exhibition will run through October 22, 2023.


Gerald Gutschmidt's Shrinkwrapped Skater is participating in the 6th Chania International Photo Festival, Greece.


Gerald Gutschmidt's Duck Unleashed and High Noon received an honorable mention in the Vienna Photo Awards Street Photography and Black&White section respectively.


Christine Kemp and Tony Van Le have multiple photos featured in the Politics exhibition at Gallery-O-Rama in San Francisco, CA, 2023. The show runs July 14 - August 20, 2023.


Christine Kemp’s photo The Floating Hat has been awarded as a semi-finalist in the Single Photo Streets Category for Urban Photo Awards, 2023


World-renowned street photographer, Forrest Walker has collaborated with Candid City to host a gallery of his images on our site.

Candid City's Tony Van Le completed a six-month mentorship with Forrest in 2021, and we are thrilled to be able to share his incredible work.

See Forrest's images here.


Christine Kemp has been selected as one of three winners in the Between Worlds photo contest. Her photo The Floating Hat will be displayed in the Between Worlds exhibition in Hamburg, Germany.


Christine Kemp and Tony Van Le have multiple photos featured in the Tableaux exhibition at Gallery-O-Rama in San Francisco, CA. The show runs through the month of May, 2023.


Candid City will host their self-titled debut exhibition at Foreign Lens Gallery in San Francisco. The show opens May 5, 2023 and runs through the month of June.

See photos from our opening night here.

Foreign Lens Gallery, 513 Green Street, San Francisco